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Mace® Pepper Gun Holster


Mace Pepper Gun Nylon Holster

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Mace believes there’s power in being prepared. Molded to any Mace Brand Pepper Gun models, this nylon holster is customized to securely hold your pepper gun on your belt loop in case of a threatening situation.

Designed for durability, this gun holster is made out of heavy-duty nylon material. Carry your pepper gun in confidence knowing that your holster can withstand life’s everyday wear and tear.

Always have your Mace pepper gun ready to go with this nylon holster. Featuring snap closured and belt loops, this holster stays fastened to your belt loop while making it easy to access your pepper gun when in a hurry.

Maintain your lifestyle without sacrificing your personal safety. This pepper spray gun holster allows for easy access and convenient storage so you can always stay prepared.

– Compatible with both types of Mace Pepper Guns
– Adjustable strap with snap closure
– Belt loop
– Durable nylon material
– Allows for compact and discrete carry

Weight 0.17 lbs


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