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You can find a Mace personal defense spray to meet any need.

What is a Mace defense spray?

Mace is a line of personal protection pepper sprays manufactured by Mace International. Back in the 1960’s Mace international was a part of Smith and Wesson defense products. Now Mace international is an independent company that prides itself on quality and diverse personal protection products. Mace designs it’s sprays to be simple and easy to use for all people. When you need to defend yourself it’s best to have a product that’s not overly complicated like those of Mace brand pepper spray.

What sizes do Mace sprays come in?

Mace has a variety of pepper spray sizes and styles for your convenience. They have pocket pepper spray and keychain pepper spray that are lightweight and easy to conceal. They even have a cute pink Mace keychain spray or Mace spray gun to fit your needs. Even though they are small, some only 10 grams, they can spray an assailant up to 10 feet away. Mace has an abundance of pepper spray sizes. Some are 45 grams and produce sprays up to 18 feet. They also have a bear pepper spray that is 260 grams and sprays up to 30 feet, which is a great spray choice for campers.

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